These are the days of complete insanity. BetScorum is empty as a toilet-paper shelves. Stock Market is dropping harder than SCR. Are there any good sides to this madness?

For one long moment, Betman thought that Coronavirus could be a conspiracy to prevent another of his unusually long range of winning tips… Nah, it is probably vice versa — Betman’s unusually long ranges of winning tips were probably an introduction to the End of the World. You know, end of intelligent life on Earth by removing intelligence from the people through hysteric capitalist media brainwashing… Still, it is very suspicious that has happened just after another Betman’s successful tip here at the most influential sporting nonsense social platform on the planet — Scorum!

Mar. 11th: Liverpool FC vs. Atletico Madrid 1X @1.588 ✔ 1:0

So, the World is quickly changing to a bunch of media slaves who will vote their masters remotely over their smartphones, while sitting on the toilets of their hermetically tight apartment-boxes… And what the masters could offer?

OK, Donald, we have seen in the past four years that you are ready to promise anything. Let’s see what the competition has to offer:

Hmmm, that sounds incredibly familiar. Maybe Betman should bring up his own presidential bid, a tempting offer that can’t be refused. For example: To all who CAN’T properly read this table…

…Betman is offering a Coronavirus vaccine!

And Betman will include into the offer a free roll of toilet paper! That should be a bridge too far for other candidates… I mean a roll too far. Even for Donald, who have spent all his free rolls helping Puerto Rico after the hurricane in 2017:

But that’s not all, folks! Betman has another betting offer which you will not be able to resist! Betman is going to bet with each of you individually, and with all of you as a community, that YOU WILL SURVIVE (@1.4) this fake Coronavirus crisis! If you die despite Betman’s arguments, and lose the bet, please send Betman’s winnings in bitcoin at the bottom of this post address… OK, I’ll make it easier, here it is again:


As much as Betman is certain that there is no danger to your physical health, and hopes you will go through this coronascam without consequences to your mental health, he is very worried for your financial health. Once again: Collapse of the Stock Market is an introduction to the greatest plunder of wealth in the history of the World. Did you prepare enough cryptocurrency to fight?

Fight the Future!

Wait, wait, wait, Betman! Where are the promised good sides of Coronavirus Insanity?!

Oh, I was not clear enough? Well, first, you will learn something about the scamming, stinking, faking, corruptive, plundering, criminal, robbing, pervert, nature of corporate media. Then you will learn that paper money is not worth more than toilet paper. You will learn that World doesn’t lose anything without a professional sport – the only losers are a mafia clans leading it, while you are gaining some time to think about your life.

Is that not enough for you?