The World belong to brave and smart… and meek, as Betman’s distinguished predecessor would say. You know, to those who diligently collect SCR, hoping the exchange rate against bitcoin will be more favorable…

But let’s start this text with a…

Great News!

The satanic promotion of the fascist Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix, as a ‘soft way’ of enslaving the masses while giving them a spiritually cheap but materially very expensive entertainment, a garbage which aggressively aims to replace fine arts and true values in your life — in short Olympic Games 2020 — are postponed for 2021! Big thanks to Coronavirus! I wonder what my distinguished predecessor would say on this occasion?

Thank you my Lord, I thought you may have instilled a bit of revolutionary spirit into all your children, and not only to this fantastic smart lad named Christos. And as we are speaking of smart ones, is there anybody else who would like to express their opinion?

OK, order please, don’t push each other, Betman will allow enough space for everybody in the future texts. Let’s now give some to the brave. To those who still play games, despite that terrifying virus that threats to completely wash your second most favorite organ:

Yes, Russians! The white ones, called Belorussians, but still the Russians are playing (eight games!), including a few kangooros, Scandinavians, Nicaraguans, Burundies and Brazilians… The Bravest! For the first time after the World was turned into a gigantic prison through lockdowns, we have the odds at BetScorum for two games that are almost sure to play:

And here is a chance for the meek to rob off Betman and make some real cryptocurrency for the rainy days after the financial breakdown, which is currently happening under the cover of Crony… Corona scam.

What else can you do in your quarantine?