Watch out, here it comes! Another empty Friday at BetScorum that only Betman tries to patch up. There’s nothing to bet on this football exchange, so Betman has to step out of the platform, and visit the Handball World Championship for Women in Japan…

It’s a decisive game between Serbia and Slovenia. Expected match, but with unusual ‘trajectory’. Slovenia totally unexpectedly won over favored Netherlands, and then, even more surprising, lost to Angola! So, it is highly unpredictable team… which is the most polite thing Betman could find without using the word ‘rag’.

Andrea Lekić, Serbia’s best scorer

Serbia have played first three games very well (as expected), closely lost from Norway, and then completely drop a ball in the last game with Netherlands and lost it by 13! You don’t think they may be tanking for this decisive match? Nah… it’s a sport, fair play, they wouldn’t do that, right? Oh, wait! It is a World Championship! F*ck the… I mean forget the sportsmanship & sportswomanship, the big money is at the stake, remember?! Did you see how handball players much more look like a billboards than volleyball ladies? Of course they had to ‘prepare’! So, we expect them with full fire power in this match:

07:00 CET: Serbia − Slovenia 1 @1.72 (bet365)

And if you are not satisfied with the odds for this game, you can take your deserved winnings and splash them on Betman’s odds ten hours later on the Russian league games:

17:30 CET: FC Zenit St Petersburg vs. FC Dinamo Moscow
17:30 CET: FC Arsenal Tula vs. FC Lokomotiv Moscow

You know the Russian league… The place where there are no surprises at all. Nor was any surprise recorded ever. Right?


I you already went to sleep and therefore missed this beautiful chance, well, Betman may later send new odds just for you!

It’s called ‘Betman’s special!’