And there it goes 2019 down the history lane… For Betman it was a year of betting success at BetScorum!, but at the same time a year of hope and disappointment. If you wonder why…

A little more than year ago, BetScorum was launched, and everybody (including yours truly) were hoping of a new sports at BetScorum… The dev team never bothered to explain what is happening. Even worse, nobody bothered to post anything for almost three monts, so the doubts start rising. Just see, for example, the comment section of this Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters post.


Thankfully, on the last day of December, we got an epistle from the top: @Vlad finally explained why there is no hope for new sports at BetScorum, and why nobody ever tried to update the disappointed membership. The explanation was simple: There is no money. And the blo*dy centralized data providers want to be paid in fiat, and not in some crypto with the graph looking like Niagara falls! Now, if only someone could make a decentralized data provider, where all the people could leave their sports data and matches of interest… But that’s another Betman’s dream, just like the one of an SCR above half a cent


That was a story of hope and disappointment. How shall we fix it? We’ll stop hoping, of course! Happy New Year?

OK, Thank you, Grumpy, that would be a nice intro into the “Success” section of this post… well, if we can count the last tip of the year as success. It was win alright, but Betman was hoping Chelsea will lose the game and slide out of European competitions.

15:00 CET: Arsenal FC vs. Chelsea FC X2 @1.384 ✅

Which means, Betman will have to make another revenge tip on Chelsea. They are not going to escape so easily. Now we have the means, because Betman had an indisputable success in December. Which was not good as the outstanding November, but still, Betman is extremely satisfied:

Actually, December was the second best month since Betman started at BetScorum. On the invested 4146.92 SCR, Betman got a nice plus of 443.74 SCR, with more than decent ROI of 10.70% Not bad for an Old Year farewell.


So, with the best wishes in the New 2020 Year to all of Scorum members, Betman will end memories of 2019 with this wise proverb from the Pessimist Club:

Be happy today, it will be worse tomorrow!