In the fair month of Johnson… alright, it was not fair at all. It was rainy and cold, and full of football plonkers that have destroyed Betman’s beautiful betting record. Thank God it is coming to an end. But before the end…

Before the end we had a surprise: quite an unexpected ‘candle’ rise of SCR value to a shocking $0.014… It lasted less than an hour, and it was probably connected to this announcement: Scorum Coins for registration and activity on affiliate sites. Bonus up to 10,000 SCR. Nobody doubts nice intentions, but the hope obviously lasted only until everyone remembered how the good intentions around BetScorum were realized.

Betman has to say: A gram of realization is worth more than a tone of intentions. Therefore, here is his contribution to keeping BetScorum on life support:

Of course, you can ignore everything and help destroy this project.

Was it worth saving at all?