There are two milestones that Betman has set in July. You may call it double-double, but I will call it 20-20. For the first time his account went over 20.000 SCR, and for the first time investments went over 20.000 SCR at BetScorum in a month. Who said you can’t profit at Scorum & BetScorum?

It was a hard month in which Betman’s favorite app, Bet.Bot has stopped working. For the best part of the month Betman has been softly crying in the wardrobe, but now he’s OK… no really, don’t worry. No psychiatrist needed at all.


At first, Betman was pondering if there would be some use of suicide attempt, or he just should simply let himself starve with no income… except the one from the lectures about the advantages of hunger at the High School of Fasting. But at the end, Betman started thinking to get into something more profitable, like white slavery (selling young athletes to the richest slave… i meant club owners) or helping aspiring athletes getting their “therapeutic exemption” medicines for asthma and heart diseases… which are so common among the top star athletes, especially in the USA. Poor girls. Betman was really interested to help them, but then two things had happened… First, a man showed up:

Weird guy, isn’t he? I guess he was trying to say that he can help them much better than Betman can, right? But would you trust your daughter to a such guy? Or Larry Nassar? Thank God professional sports is such healthy and noble activity. Otherwise, people could start with reality checks, and begin thinking there’s something wrong with their lives, and think about the corrupt sports world created to…

Oh, come on, Betman! Enough blabbing, what’s the other thing that had happened?

Well, the other thing is one pleasant surprise. Even without Bet.Bot, Betman was actually positive in July! Totally unexpected! Yes, Betman had to work further on his discipline, relying mostly on arbitrage and heavy investing, but the results are here…

Yes, Betman had to double the investments (20,421.98 SCR) and get satisfaction in half the profits from June results (181.11 SCR), with only 0.89% ROI, but… Betman was positive again! It can be done! It can be profitable, which is a greatest point of promotion for both, Scorum and BetScorum! I guess those results could open up watergates for the torrent of new users who will see them through other platforms in frames of promo.scr! initiative!


What’s more, with his previous post Betman has managed to bring SCR price over one cent again. Despite the fact that his tip has failed — his rule (that he sadly broke this time) stand up to test in a fantastic way!


Yes, that was a job well done! Thanks to a caring BetScorum development team, Betman is good almost four dollars from the inception of the platform! And rising!

Well, what are you waiting for?