You did used your chance yesterday when Betman was overworked writing about the Great Barrington Declaration and made a mistake in odds setting… It was almost a disaster. Leipzig fortunately won and saved Betman for a day more…

The other day, Betman was overworked writing about A Technology of Enslavement, but then, fortunately, was no distracting games in sight… like there are today again. And today Betman also has a massive amounts of work, so you may find another big mistake if you look at the odds very carefully:

So, if you don’t want to see how the global plutocracy plunders your wealth and prepare for you major misery through coronavirus hoax, the only way to escape from the monstrous reality is – with Betman’s odds at BetScorum. No, you can’t go to Amsterdam bordels… except virtually. But there you can’t get a single SCR, like you can at BetScorum.

So, how about it?