OK, you all know that Betman will not miss this one. It is not because the match was… unmissable? It was because we again have… had the best odds in the whole wide World, here at BetScorum!

Now, before we start with a standing ovations for an unknown hero who gave the offer… I mean odds you can’t resist, let’s say a few words about the new Champions who recklessly destroyed the best sports joke since the beginning of time:

Which ship will never sail into the Liverpool port? Premiership!

For some time, it looked like Coronahoax could keep the joke going… Well, not enough. A German at the helm of the Liverpool football team blew it. They finally did greeted the mentioned ship, and they are now on a bandwagon… if that is a proper term for a few long night of binge drinking. You don’t believe Betman? Just imagine – the long years of relentless mockery are finally over. Then ask yourself: Would you stay sober in such situation? Of course the players will ask Google to show them where is the ball today… And don’t forget they already have managed to lose a game against Watford 3:0 before the coronahoax. So they are capable of losing a game after all.

On the other side of the pitch are the most expensive plonkers of the Premiership, former champions, shame of their Guardiola, wretches who managed to lose a game against Chelsea last week! To make matters worse, they are the only fun of the labour class in their little town… alright city… except for those forgotten United guys from the local theater. If they do not win this one on any pretext (let’s say pride), a serious mutiny could arise in the city. What else are they going to talk about for the next six months? Corona and racism? Well, they will certainly not think about one of the most monstrous surveillance laws since Orwell… or about their lives. They need to ponder on rich clowns who can run for the ball and kick it better then a previous clowns! They need someone to swear at when they invest in a wrong bet. They need stumblers in search for their lost pride… and there we can find a perfect fit for Manchester City. Citizens need some comfort. And Liverpool need some rest from resting and from coronastress due to big scare that they could miss the title they almost won… Now they don’t have to worry about anything except of hangover.

I know it was a long intro, albeit out of it you could clearly anticipate what was Betman’s tip for this game. Yes, Betman thinks 50% chances for ManC win are quite good. But Betman was wrong with Barcelona too, so don’t ake the bait without checking all of the odds for this game at BetScorum!

21:15 CET: Manchester City vs. Liverpool FC 1 @2.00 (BetScorum)

Sorry, you’ve missed 2.13 from the screenshot. BTW, aside from the odds for this game, Betman has filled all other fields for today’s games. You must have yearned for the Swedish Allsvenskan championship, right? You must asked yourselves: “Didn't all Swedes die of coronavirus?” Seeing these odds you can have two answers:

1. Either all Swedes are supermen resistant to a deadly disease

2. Or the media is lying to you monstrously

Now you can fulfill your darkest wishes and bet on them again. Or to put your tip for the fantastic Scorum Loyalty Program for Tipsters and Writers 2.0. May 2020 for the first time in your life. And then, with all the winnings, buy an abacus for counting so many SCRs multiplied by their almost value… Incredible fun!

Can you think anything better?