Taking a participation at Scorum becomes as futile as sports betting at BetScorum on Mondays. Have you tried it already?

Betman hopes someone will read this text. Well, it would be too much to ask, this text is planned to have at least four paragraphs… and two pics. And a meme. Who is going to waste that much time reading? Especially when you have to decide to bet on… three games today?

Another Striker? Are everybody on strike on Mondays? Even football players who are… who WERE lavishly paid? Let’s see who of them is working on Monday?

This is ridiculous. You almost don’t have a decent chance to squander those pesky falling SCRs anywhere. What are they for, then? Have you try to buy a hotdog with it? Would someone break today’s strike?

Hoping in vain. Yours… Betman