Whenever there is a CL Tuesday, you can bet CL Wednesday will follow. Nothing could stop this established framework… except maybe coronavirus hoax. But that is out of the topic of this blog. Here, we are telling only the truth.

And the truth is that it gets harder and harder to keep BetScorum illusion alive. There are times Betman wishes to let it flow dead in the water for some time, and go watch some old movie with Denise Richards…

You are welcome, kid. At least you were 20 years ago. I mean kid. And welcome. Today, a bunch of coronascared sheeple will probably find Champions League odds more attractive. Let’s make a (non-PCR) test – here are Betman’s odds for today:

Serbs would call it PRC test. You have to ask one of them to find out why. Now you will have to consider pros and cons of your choice, and some consequences. If you choose odds over Denise, I hope you have a good friend in psychotherapy profession in your Zoom links. On the other hand, Denise will be 50 next February 17, and these odds are fresh as a morning dew. Can’t lose much on them, and you even may get some SCR which crawled almost to one cent today

Tough choice, isn’t it?