For a long time Betman didn’t post a serious text… I mean serious without a ‘funny’ tag. But everything comes to an end…

So, there is a new chance for betting thanks to the vaccinated guinea pi… I meant athletes. Now you can bet (albeit between yourselves) at the completely new category: how many vaccinated football players will survive the end of the game! Have you seen Champions League report of the last round?

You can count the numbers at the portals like Nulta tačka (Ground Zero), or Vaccination actually made the results of football games much more unpredictable, so you can earn much more betting against the odds – even at BetScorum:

Then you can form a statistics of how many vaccine victims is necessary to bring a new bunch of SCRs from the Betman’s account to your account.

There will be more odds for the games at 21:00 CET!