Betman was waiting for something to happen at BetScorum… in vain. We still have Coupe de France games at the front page — yes, those which God already forgot when they are finished. So, Betman has to create his own events.

First, the important news came — there is a new forum on the Steemit blockchain aiming to take the disappointed shipwreckers from Scorum&BetScorum. At least it pays in steem, which is somewhere between 3 and 4 times more value than SCR. It is called BitSports, and Betman started struggling there despite the fact it does not have a betting exchange.


And now a less important news, already slapped at BitSports: Tottenham has a new coach. Well, not quite & brand new, but a special one. You know, the best known, the most popular, most decorated, most phenomenal and unforgettable… errr… just a moment, I’ll remember his name… he was… no, don’t help me, I’ll do it on my own! I have it! It’s Jose! Yes, that Jose. A guy with a shelf life of 2−3 years…

Quite understandable, Jose, those jeers from Manchester must be still in your ears, and nobody listens to Betman anyway…


Now Jose probably likes Ham, since the first game of his TottenHAM will be against West HAM. So, what do you think? What will be his shelf life before getting a boot embellished with a spur? Are we going to set time frame and the odds? Until we reach a consensus, here is a few quickies for this afternoon:

13:30 CET: West Ham United vs. Tottenham Hotspur
13:30 CET: Charlton Athletic vs. Cardiff City

And a power tip:
13:30 CET: CD Leganes vs. FC Barcelona 2 @1.555

This one is in attempt to rescuscitate that forgotten Scorum Loyalty Program for tipsters… if anyone remembers what it is.


Don’t worry if you late for those Betman’s odds and tips. It only brings up your chances not to loose!

The Art Gallery weeps for your presence!