Today Betman will made you an offer you CAN refuse. The Great Reset is on its way to destroy the World as we know it, and all the mafioso sports shenanigans which you enjoy so much until the coronavirus hoax…

It would be just too ridiculous to accept a bet on a competition that is probably never going to held anyway. Or at least not under the usual conditions. Imagine the European Championship games without audience. Imagine the European Championship players with masks. Imagine the European Championship with a morgue guards instead of stewards. Only a mob could accept to organize so twisted ‘competition’, and only the most fanatical among the sports betting clients would accept the odds on it’s games, right?

You have a deal Corny Donny, here is Betman’s offer at our favorite platform – incredible and three-weeks-garbage ridden BetScorum:

Not many of them, but they are cheap for you to join for a handful of SCRs. And now the good news:

We have another striving member who is ready to put some odds at the BetScorum games. His name is @najgori.betmen, and he still has not many SCRs to make a serious impact into the betting fields. But since he is giving the best odds in the known Universe, he just may earn your attention and some help.

Don’t you think?