We have another WTF vs. WTF finals at BetScorum today. Betman has another suggestion…

Let’s pretend this is a real finals of some EuroCup. Of course it isn’t, because there are no fans, there was no normal qualifying system, and there are no names at BetScorum. This way, we could make our own EuroCompetition and execute it in virtual sports domain. Until someone make the bl**dy thing, we can pretend here that there are two real teams, and let’s pretend they are called Sevilla and Inter. Then we can put some odds at BetScorum and pretend it’s a real match.

Well, that would be a job for a really Great Pretenders, like you, Freddie. Betman can’t do so much pretending. Betman can only offer a few odds on the pretending match:

The last pretending match tip went well, but the odds were not so great:

Aug 18: RB Leipzig vs. Paris SG X2 @1.26 ✔ 0:3

(See the tip here)

This time, the odds are better and you can get even more worthless SCRs through Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July.

So, will you try this pretending match or…

…you have a good excuse to stay out of it?

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