OMB, how time flies! July 2021 is closing to it’s end, and Betman still didn’t send the BetScorum betting results fron June. Like someone cares anyway… Current signs of life are just a consequence of a pointless competition ridiculously named EURO2020…

In June Betman made a slight mistake in the accounting of the betting profits from May, and it will be corrected in this report. In June BetScorum was still giving some weak signs of life, thanks to the European Championship in making only one European nation euphoric for a half-an-hour period, just for the bizarre fact that one bunch of sports clothing mannequins were being able to score more penalties than the other.

In July, Betman was forced to send one sure tennis tip and nothing else. With a great sadness, we can put BetScorum where it belongs:

That tip on the Wimbledon finals was so obvious that Betman even hesitate to brag:

15:00 CET: Djoković – Berrettini H2 -2.5 sets @1.61 3-1 ✅ 😎

Well, June will stay as the last pleasant memory to the once promising platform that could change the World. No, there was not many bets, but thanks to a massive surprises, Betman gained the best ROI percentage of all times – +205.45% Unbelievable! It really does sounds like the end of the World as we know it. That was done with only 169.5 SCR invested, and the profit was an astounding 348.24 SCRwhich is now only half a cent. So, who cares? Without BetScorum where you will spend your SCRs?

Betman has lost too much time trying to explain the obvious to the mythical development team that in reality does not exist. Now Betman is going to spend his time on the development of a new idea: Chess betting platform where you can be a performer and a bettor at the same time. Imagine the possibilities…

Let’s see if there will be a commemoration in July