One day without Betman at BetScorum and everything goes down the hill… and into the abyss…

…with a dynamite storage at the bottom… and a flamethrowing championship in the neighborhood. In short, SCR has gone to half a cent again!

What’s wrong Johnny, no more cash? Listen, Betman has a suggestion for you. Get over to Scorum and invest some of your black suits into never cheaper SCR. It’s a matter of decade when it will again be up at one cent. And in the meantime you can invest in Betman’s odds and soon fill your guitars with the most colorful pills you ever had…

Don’t listen to those TV idiots who are parroting the phrase: “We must flatten the curve!” Here at BetScorum we had enough of flat and falling curves. We need a rising one ASAP:

With the Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July… or September, or October, we just have to do something, or went into streets for some food looting. So, betting or looting?

Well, what will it be?

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