It is mens Roland Game of Thrrones (abv. Garros) finale today… you know, the one that is NOT at BetScorum. Why would it be? One place in that finale was already taken for years. And in the battle for the other, we have a new face…

Who is he? An Austrian, clay lover, Dominic Thiem. Still not familiar? You should be. We are talking about the possible “Game of Thrones” type upset!

That guy had much harder work in the semis. He had to defeat No1e, and that was no Joke! Marathon match, two days, several interruptions due to rain, and full five sets. On the other hand, Nadal had an easy job with some refugee from a Swiss retirement home.

So, what are the odds? Oh look, 4.2 on Thiem and 1.22 on Nadal! Bookies are expecting a quick dispatch of a new face? Here is Betman to disagree again…

Yes, Nadal has 8-4 score with Thiem, but he lost Barcelona from him recently. Thiem has no fear of Rafa. If there is someone who is ready to escort Nadal to his retirement home and sit into the Throne made of broken rackets, that’s him!

What shall we play, then? If you have strong suicidal tendencies, you can try investing directly on Thiem, but Betman will choose a bit safer bet:

15:05 Nadal—Thiem H2 -1.5 sets @2.7 (

If he won two sets in Rafa’s house, why not here?

Or, if you like games more, then try this:

15:05 Nadal—Thiem H2 -5.5 games @2.19

Whatever you try, you can later compensate your losses by posting at Scorum an excuse:

Betman made me do it!