Have you secured Saturday night Corona fun? If you did, this post is certainly not for you. We only can offer a few BetScorum odds for some odd European football…

Oh, you expected something else? Something more connected with the SCR price? Well, Betman has a report from a small, shady, but well informed group, that a mythical development team really exists, and that it is actually working on some pleasant surprises, and are buying SCR from the exchanges in order to keep it over the magic limit of… $0.005.

OK, that’s enough good news!

If I tell you more, that would be completely destroy Betman’s charisma of a demotivator in the realms of sports mafia and Musk’s SpaceXXX attempts. BTW, did you notice distinctive erotic shapes in design of his ‘space crafts?’

OK, that’s enough sex!

Let’s focus on betting. Here are the odds for today’s few and odd games:

The games almost started, so hurry and don’t forget your SCR wallet keys!

Happy Saturday fun!