There is a Law by a certain Murphy, that says: “Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse”. Which shows how broken SCR value is.

At the beginning of October BetScorum disappeared for a week, and Betman began composing a posthumous speech, to send with a final betting results of September 2021, with an intention of devoting himself entirely to chess…

Axe throwing? What is it? Does it have anything with our @battleaxe? Can you demonstrate?

Sure thing, Betman:

Why girls, Betman is completely impressed! This really can help in situations when you are down a Queen and have totally lost position at the board! Now, this is why you need to have a good chess coach! Thank you, I can already predict a new increase in my ELO rating!

But before we return to chess, let me just finish the intro story about the BetScorum anomaly and broken SCR value which – left to itself – has gone over two cents!

So, the August Results were not the last one, and maybe September results will not be the last either. No matter how skinny the results were. And in September they were really skinny…

In September, almost nobody left to bet at this desolated platform. Only 246,75 SCRs were invested against Betman, and you outbetted Betman for some 8.32 SCR (yes, almost 17 cents today!) in your favor. Congratulations! So Betman has to record a negative ROI of –3.37%… A flop worthy of closing the store.

Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting in closing. Therefore, Betman will try once again before returning to chess:

There you go, it’s that dull league of the best ball kicking stumblers. Watch it, and you will soon run to chess! A kingdom of intellect, calm rational thought, self control and beautiful girls. Just like Alexandra Botez…

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chess!