Ah, Romans… What a mistakes they can make, it is impressive. For example, they made their city so that every road leads to Rome. And what has happened? As soon as barbarians find a road, they started knocking at the doors with a battle rams! Just last week, one bunch from Turin came, broke the goalposts and took all three points! This week, another wild bunch from Turin is coming to plunder poor Romans… And this time we even have wild odds at BetScorum!

Thanks to strategic single staking, Betman yesterday had a small profit despite Chelsea in a three chosen games:

16:00 CET: Leicester City vs. Southampton FC 1 @1.689 ❌
16:00 CET: Manchester United vs. Norwich City 1 @1.377 ✅
16:00 CET: Chelsea FC vs. Burnley FC 1 @1.312 ✅

Yes, that also happens, although as an anomaly. But let’s return to the match starting in less than two hours. Really, we must hurry, because it’s so short period that only SCR can fall through the floor so quickly. Well, this wild bunch from Turin is even more dangerous from the one last week. They have one absolute fanatic, who has plundered trophys troughout Europe, and is still angry because some second-rated Argentinian tango dancer, turned football player, has stole one more golden ball! And he sacrificed so much… Let me show him to you:

And here is Betman’s insane tip for the evening:

20:45 CET: AS Roma vs. Juventus Turin 2 @2.22

Why insane, you ask? OK, you don’t ask, and you couldn’t care less, but you will be forced to hear the answer. Because Betman can’t remember when one of those teams has won as a guest. Theoretically, it must have happened once upon a time, but Betman is born in the previous millennium, so the period is too short. We’ll just assume that this happened after all, long time ago, and that it is destined to happen again. Let’s use then this fat odds offered at BetScorum… Ooops, it is not BetScorum but SBOBET It’s so much two’s in it that Betman couldn’t help but write a post. Hey, Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters prepare another upvote for Betman’s tip! You are already in debt for a previous loosing one!

And now Betman goes to sleep over the match. It will be dull anyway, right?