Betman was forced to risk in the last two games at BetScorum! for the well know reasons, explained if you have followed his line of thoughts after a long line of successes. He failed. Well, now we have to think about the reputation…

As the Betman’s path is not an easy one, this correction match will be the most risky one. With an odds of 1.425… which is risky because it doesn’t qualify for the Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters, and at the same time Betman cannot guarantee it will be a win…

Oh, alright… With such pets who needs an enemy? From now on, you catch your own mices, you Dissatisfied Cat, Betman is not going to hunt them for you anymore. Betman now turns to football, and for that, the most risky one — Italian! And among the Italians, to the most risky of all Italians — Romans! And among the Romans, the most risky ones — Nazio… I meant Lazio! You know, the one who has Ciro Perpetuum Immobile as their point scorer. So, why are they so risky?


Well, first… did you miss that “Perpetuum Immobile” part? Second, because they are (almost all) Italians… I mean, they have almost four Italians in the team. Third, because they are Romans, and fourth because they have 10 wins in a row, and every such row must end, except if you give a German coach to Liverpool. So, there are good chances this victory row of Lazio will end at their match with Sampdoria:

15:00 CET: SS Lazio Roma vs. UC Sampdoria 1 @1.425

BTW, Sampdoria had one draw with Lazio in the last 10 mutual games, which makes it even riskier at this thin odds. But Betman cannot live without excitement. Did you ever feel that rush feeling when you lose everything except mice hunting equipment? Never give up on that one, you have to eat something. Or when you have almost emptied your useless SCR stocks, and then… SCR starts going up without a reasonable explanation! That can ruin your day, alright. Fortunately, there is our @Vlad with another motivating post which is probably going to bring SCR into a normal falling mode

Wonder what else is the dev team doing?