You know, Betman is slaving over those tips almost every day, and if you thought he will not brag about the seventh win in a row, you must be swallowing too much OxyContin! That has not happened in the history of Universe… and a bit beyond it! So, let’s make a sweet intro to a new BetScorum tip…

30 Apr, 19:00 CET: Montpellier vs. PSG 1X @1.85 3:2 WIN
30 Apr, 21:00 CET: Tottenham vs Ajax X2 @1.616 0:1 WIN
01 May, 21:00 CET: Barça vs. Liverpool 1X @1.374 3:0 WIN
Parlay WON! Total odds 2.09
02 May, 21:00 CET: Frankfurt vs. Chelsea X2 @1.601 1:1 WIN
02 May, 21:00 CET: Arsenal vs. Valencia 1X @1.308 3:1 WIN
04 May 18:30 CET: Cardiff vs. Crystal Palace X2 @1.555 2:3 WIN
06 May, 21:00 CET: Man City vs. Leicester City 1X @1.068 1:0 WIN
07 May, 21:00 CET: Liverpool vs. Barça 1X @1.769 4:0 WIN

Now that is an offer Betman cannot refuse. Please Leia, stand at the end of this very long line (no pushing, girls!), you’ll be my number 124, and with you Betman will take over George Washington at the Slave Owners House of Fame All-time list, because George got only to 123, and he had to do it using force (yes, like Jabba the Hut), since he didn’t gave a single useful football tip ever! And you can check it in history books!

Let’s return to a lavish BetScorum offer for May 8th, which consist of… one game only. Guess which. Yes, it’s that second semifinals of the Champions League. As Betman already has explained, Ajax should go to finale, and the odds for their win at this game is very tempting at 2.51… But Betman will try something riskier, as he likes to live dangerously:

21:00 CET: Ajax vs. Tottenham 2.5+ @1.699

Since you all are a nice crowd (except Battleaxe who is a nice lady with dangerous nick), you deserve some betmanexplanation. Ham will have to attack, they have no choice. And they will again be open for a deadly Ajax attack. If they concede, they will have to double-down on attack, and they will concede again. If they are not a complete bumblers, they will score one. If they are, they will concede third. Ajax really like attacking, and do you know what is the bonus for every goal scored in the Champions League? Must be a big one, since there are so much paper in this competition, that player can secure with it hygienic habits of many generations after them.

Speaking of toilet paper, there is one more good thing in this SCR’s free falling, that nobody mention. When both, paper fraud and SCR both go to zero, you will not need an exchange any more!

You really can’t expect Betman can win eight times in a row, right?