No, not The New York Times, although that would be very nice. Yesterday, Betman was again right in predicting Separatist Semifinals outcome. Third time in a row. And the Holy Bible says that there will be six signs of the end times…

1. Nation Against Nation  Wars all over the World — checked

2. False Prophets  Just look at BetScorum! Checked, of course!

3. Moral Decay  Villains are judging Assange — checked

4. Earthquakes in Many Places  Fracking business — checked

5. Signs in the Stars  Greatest football stars dismissed from the World Cup in the first round — checked

and the sixth, the most important

6. The Great Betman’s Tribulation!

“When Betman links four wins in a row, the time will end!” Was that in Matthew? Well, Betman got three in a row. Today he must find something to lose, or the World is going to end, and that wouldn’t be very good for our wallets, isn’t it?

So, we have to find the losers this time. And even try to link them in Parlay, so the loss would be guaranteed. What do we have today? Only two games? OK, Betman will work with what he has. The first match would be… what? Chelsea? Great! They have always let Betman down! Indescribable blunderers. Spectacular stumblers. Now Betman will put a small sum on them and save the World for only… 10 SCR? Fair:

21:00 CET: Frankfurt vs. Chelsea X2 @1.601

Oh, yes, Betman remembers now that English teams like to humiliate Gerries, so they could actually win this one and destroy the World. We have to make another bet… with the other game that left. And that better be some really clumsy squad. Do we have such? Thank God! We have Arse-nal who is hosting Violencia! There are very good chances that the World will last at least next five days!

21:00 CET: Arsenal vs. Valencia 1X @1.308

Arse-nal played like crap a few last games in the Premiership. They have darkened the glory of a famous Liverpool joke: “Which ship will never sail into the Liverpool port? Premiership!” But at least Liverpool takes every Champions League in a year when Pope dies!

So, Arse-nal is looking for their chance to wiggle into the Champions League through Europa League, and they have rested three long games waiting for this match.

Now, if you make a parlay out of these two tips (with a total odds of 2.09), you will certainly lose, and the World will be saved.

Was it worth 10 SCR?