How shall we start the recapitulation of the August? Despite the optimistic announcements from our @brandonk and some other users, Betman really can see only harder blows to both, BetScorum and Scorum platforms…

In July, Betman’s favorite app, Bet.Bot has stopped working. In August, Betman hardly managed to dry the apartment from the tears, and the new blow came hard… Betty left us… Now you can enjoy that artistic gray pattern with a soothing white letters that discretely say “Place bet” all over BetScorum. What Betman could do? Well, natural reaction would be to fight the future… as Mulder and Scully would say:

Don’t be so darn stiff, you two. You know what Betman wanted to say. Or maybe not. Indeed, you are FBI’s deep incompetents that can’t find proves of extraterrestrial life crawling all over you! Don’t see anything out of the script, hey? OK, Betman will later explain to you a theory of sex, of which you obviously would have to make an investigation. Now, go and investigate who would dare — except our @btb, of course — to stand up to Betman’s Premier Fight Club, because all the others were too frightened to fight with Betman. If you don’t, Betman may follow Bet.Bot and Betty into a long hibernation… until we see some development in the development department.

. . .

So, how did Betman fare this month? Contrary to all bad news in the past two months, and thanks to a bit of luck acquired through the Premier Fight Club, Betman was again positive!

This August, and without a favorite bots, Betman couldn’t invest more than 13,519 SCR, and that was enough for a 299.45 SCR profit, which makes decent 2.22% ROI — or almost 2,5 dollars in the ever falling SCR value. Since the betting conditions are declining faster than climate change, that might be the last positive month for Betman at this platform… Unfortunately, there is no Scorum Loyalty Program or promo.scr that can change it — you can’t promote the product that doesn’t exist. OK, what can we do, then?

Send Mulder and Scully to investigate for one?