Betman was close to quitting the platform at the heights of the Great Coronavirus Scam, when almost everything went dead at BetScorum and the Scorum membership fell into a fifty lower… In the fair month of Johnson… well, almost fair… Betman tried to dump those almost worthless SCR. And what happened?

Completely disappointed, Betman tried to invest into a proven plonkers. Some of them were gone straight up the top of blackest of all Betman’s lists (there will be a text on that soon), and as soon as Betman dumped the majority of liquid SCR – the value skyrocketed! For about fifteen minutes. So, having no use of dysfunctional betting exchange with only a few incident members, Betman tried to quit by investing a very large sum… almost $55… and then something unusual happen. A several teams, so called ‘stumble turkeys’, actually won! Even bl**dy Chelsea won despite Betman’s stake that they will not lose! Suddenly, Betman was back in the game, and then some of the quitters, attracted by a short SCR rise, tried to retract:

Yeah, right. Let that be a reminder why after May comes Johnson and not June.

So, we will delay the quit for July. Only a snow can stop us from it. In the meantime, Betman has another small set of odds for the start of this weekend:

As always, if Betman hasn’t dispersed all of you yet, those who still read this should resist the temptation, and go for Scorum Coins for registration and activity on affiliate sites. Bonus up to 10,000 SCR, which can bring a risk-free SCRs, so you can see how low they are, and therefore spend them without remorse.

Anyone still here?