What an interesting times! Imagine this – we are witnessing some phantom matches at BetScorum that should allegedly be European Championship qualifiers. Can you believe it?

And in that qualifications you have a teams that are not European, that do not have state, and even one that don’t have a team but don’t care… But they are still pumping it. Wonder why? Is it maybe because they are hoping in vain Corona propaganda would cease? Or maybe because there is a group of people that questions ‘Europe’ as a conspiracy illusion?

Well, Dr. Evil, you may be right. Maybe they are hoping China can make a cheap copy of Europe, and make a cheap Championship inside of it, just for some more fun. We can chip in because we already have a funny money SCR and a few odds for those bizarre games, not just from Betman this time:

So, this train is going straight into the wall, everybody can see the wall, but no passenger will try to pull the brake. It’s to much fun while we are rushing into the disaster.

It’s called a Titanic fun!