The offer for May 7th at the BetScorum betting exchange. One game only. Literally. You can chose like that guy Hamlet, the other day… To bet or not to bet!

And that one game is Liverpoor vs. Barcelona. There you have it. Take it or leave it.

That’s Yorick, you silly schmuck! Don’t you see he is dead as BetScorum? Have you snorted too much calcium? Betman is here! Look at me and stop making fool of yourself!

Now listen here! Betman is going to bet on this one against the blessings of Catholic Church.

This evening, the Pope will probably urge at his Boss to help Barcelona. Why? Well, you know… whenever Liverpoor wins European Championship, something bad happens to the Pope, and then all the believers are closely watching for those smoke signals.

Liverpoor had its days of glory in 1977, although Pope Paul VI managed to survive until august 1978, but when Liverpoor won a title in that same 1978 year, English prince got married, and the new Pope, John Paul I, lasted only 33 days! Two Popes for two titles! Impressive! Then in 1981, Liverpoor won again, English prince got married, and the Pope John Paul II barely survived assassination attempt!

And then came the title in 2005… English prince got married, and this time Pope John Paul II could not cheat the destiny. You may understand why Francis looks so worried watching Liverpoor in the semifinals…

Source: Daily Star

Judging by the performance at the Camp Nou, he must have promised to his countryman Messi safe place in the Heavenly squad before the first game, if he put a pair of balls into the net, and to the arbiters a nice cozy warm place in Hell if they let a Muslim to do the same. You know the result… Alright, for those who have just returned from the desert, it was 3:0 for Barca, and Messi scored twice. I don’t know what Pope has prepared for this game, but Betman does not doubt Barcelona will see the finals.

Liverpoor can only hope for an honorable exit. And they will try everything. Including dirty tricks. Which means they can even win the game… or their fans will start singing to them “You’ll never walk again”! Therefore, Betman will risk a half of this months profits:

21:00 CET: Liverpool vs. Barça 1X @1.769

Now here comes the time of decisions. You have the last chance to bet like Betman… its bloody $0.80 by the latest SCR value! And this is the last chance for Liverpoor to go into finale, and the last exciting chance for Pope to enjoy more football next year…

To bet, or not to bet, that is the question,

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

and empty promises of new sports, and tricks

Or simply lift an anchor, like Shakespeare did

and move your sh*t at BlitzPredict…

OMG, Betman is out of ink!