It’s Tuesday again. A Cup day. Betman has an impression that Tuesday is coming slower than any other day of the week. Why? Because it’s Betman’s cup day!

Yes, Betman got a doctor’s recommendation to have only one cup a day, and if it has to be just one today…

The rest of the BetScorum matches are much more interesting. Betman has an evil intention to stake at Chelsea again, and throw them further down the standings. You will be informed of specifics if Betman decides to sacrifice a bunch of SCRs with these certified plonkers. Until then, you can try to make a loss for yourself at the offered odds:

And here you have promised Italian Cup:

It’s really easy to win this one. Those are Italians, they never cheat, lie or fix games. So, you know the winner already, don’t you?

And don’t forget you can set your own odds!