The curfew is finally revoked. It was made possible because the surveillance mechanisms on the open were established during last two months. So now, when we are at the open prison, it’s a beautiful chance for Betman to bring up memories to the good old days full of promises of new sports at BetScorum and a rewards that could reach almost two dollars…

Now, when SCR value finally stop falling, we are witnessing everlasting fall of rewards in SCR at Scorum. You can write as good as one Samuel Beckett, and still be happy if you get half a dollar at most. Betman was trying to prove a point that under this conditions you can either leave a nasty habit of betting, or you can actually earn more with betting than with waiting for better rewards!

As you please, Mr. Bean, but for those of you who are ready to listen the voice of reason, and for those of you who are not afraid, Betman will leave odds for the only two games this Friday, and they are, of course, from Belarus:

You won’t find any better at BetScorum or out of it, since all the rest of hysteric nations are still scared as rabbits, and reluctant to go out on the field.

As you wish, Scorum has anyway become an exclusive club of Batman readers, and a few wandering fans of the sports memories.

Still waiting?