It’s Wimbledon finals again. No more danger from a virus, now the vaccines are much more dangerous, so the tennis can continue. And some betting, of course, only not at BetScorum. Still, Betman can’t miss this one…

And in this finals we have a perpetual Grand Slam finals subscriber (30 finals), the best player in the history of meaningless, completely unproductive and absurdly senseless passing the ball over the net – Novak Djokovic, a.k.a. No1e, and an Italian pretender with too many double letters in his name, Matteo Berrettini. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

No1e came to this finals with only one set lost, the first one of the first match against Jake Draper. Really nothing interesting in his half of the draws. On the other side of the draws, Berrettini was 7th seed, and had a projected match with that Swiss escapee from the nursing home. But the old man crashed into the Big Pole, Hubert Hurkacz, who swiped him off into retirement… again. I wonder will he ever accept Betman’s advice and turn to chess and escape being recorded as the second… or third best tennis player in ‘Novak Era’. As a bonus, he’ll save his knees for a few more years. OK, enough with him, let’s go back to Wimble-betting.

Berrettini then had to sweat four sets against Hurkacz to come to this finals. Totally deserved one. Grass is Berrettini’s favorite surface where he has two titles already with only 25 years of age: Stuttgart 2019 and London Three weeks ago.

There are people comparing Berrettini’s game style with Boris Becker, former Wimbledon champion and former coach of a current Wimbledon champion. Doubt it will scare No1e. Here you can see some useless Head2Head stats:

You see, their last match was Roland Garros Quarterfinals. This time, Berrettini’s serve will be much stronger weapon at the quick and unpredictable surface. Aside of that, many things can happen. For example, a meteor from the outer space can hit Djoković. A line arbiter can drop dead of Covid and after that accuse Djoković of infecting him. Just remember US Open last year. A psycho fan can attack Djoković. Just remember the case of Monika Seleš. And the odds at Djoković are insolently low. Therefore Betman will not predict a winner, although No1e will win. There is one much safer bet. Dear Scorum members, lend me your ears…

There is a rule of a big business sport mafia: Give the masses a show! Which means, they hate short finals in three sets only, where one side is completely dominant and the other lies down without any resistance. So, by the iron Law of Money, this match cannot end in three sets, or the Great Greedy World will abruptly and violently end. And they will, of course, blame it on Djoković.

Sunday, July 11th

15:00 CET: Djoković – Berrettini H2 -2.5 sets @1.61 (

You can thank Betman for this tip after the match. Bad news are that you will not earn any SCR with this tip, but the good news are that SCR has so poor value that you wouldn’t get anything even if you could bet on Tennis in SCR.

Good news are that you could buy a bowl of ice cream, and watch in your climatized apartment, two millionaires who are sweating to the max in an incredibly boring game of missing the big net with a very small yellow ball…

You really can’t get any better than that!