What a day! Betman has a surprise for you. If you are hooked to the corporate media, you must have thinking that everyone in Wuhan has already died and were buried, especially in Breitbart News. Eleven millions of them. Well, it was a close call. They do not watch news and instead play football… soccer for Yankees…

The other surprise is not so pleasant. Left for two days without Betman, SCR behaved like a baby and immediately return to 1 cent

Agreed, new generation, you are quite right. SCR will never be a Bitcoin, and every baby with dignity will refuse that comparison. Betman apologizes and will no longer use that comparison.

Let’s now return to China. Yes, they are playing football and there are even odds at BetScorum:

You have some more Scandinavian odds, which are your best chance against Betman. A safe bet almost. And safe without ‘almost’ if you write your tip for the timeless Scorum Loyalty program for betting bloggers for July… This July at Scorum will never end.

Hurry now, the games won’t wait for you!

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