Betman thinks that the greeting "Merry Christmas" would seem too cynical under current conditions. And we need cynicism the least now. What we really need is – resistance!

And I don’t mean immunity resistance only. We need spiritual resistance as well. We need rejection of lies and demand freedom again. We need to oppose all attempts to suffocate our lives under the pretext of saving lives! We need BetScorum and we need…

Oh, yes, thanks Michelle, I wouldn’t put it better! Yes, not many leagues are in the game today, but Betman can offer some odds from Turkey:

That it all for today…

Please don’t protest, we’ll have some more on the Boxing day. Just enough to engage your massive SCR funds… right?

Gather your family to bet… and to celebrate. Don’t be afraid, just leave the corporate media and there will be no virus at all.

Merry Resistance!