Hi everyone, Betting is considered a fast way to make money. Yet it's not for everyone. If you're greedy then you'll lose for sure.

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There's a rule "The House always wins". Remember this rule all the time and don't make every bet you like. Make a plan and stick with it, don't make betting your first goal in life. It may ruin your life.

Keep records of your bets yourself. And check them regularly.

I'm making bets for years and on the long term I didn't lose money and I made some. Here on Scorum I'll share my plan and tactics, so we can argue over ideas to make money together.

There's 1250 Doge (~7.5$) in my pocket and I'll start picking. I'll make my first bets with 500 Doge, not much. Remember money put on the bets should be always amount that won't hurt you. That's the golden rule!