T20 Cricket is the newest format of the sport launched in 2003 by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to bring back fans that cricket lost to lack of innovation and fixing saga during that era. Since then this format has captivated the audiences around the world with its thrilling style, fast-paced action, the unpredictability of the outcome, and new match winners. Before the advent of the T20 format, the sport was all about the rivalries of country vs country with Tests and ODIs in focus. But now there are so many cricket franchise leagues going around, the fans enjoy cricket as a sport and not like the national pride as it always has been.

Cricket has contrasting dynamics in terms of T20s while compared to the other formats. The value of batsman wickets and batting partnerships is quite lower in T20 Cricket as there are lesser no. of overs in a match in comparison to Tests and ODIs. The batsman tends to attack the bowlers irrespective of what lines and lengths they bowl in this format. The prime focus of any fan when they watch this format is the strike-rate of the batsman. Bhaiji provides the free cricket betting tips to allow the bettors to formulate their strategy for betting in the T20 format and that includes the stats of a batsman with real attention on their strike rate.

Higher the strike rate of the batsman, more chance of team success is a famous saying for T20 Cricket. Bettors have to think about the strike rate of the batsman to decide if they want to put the bet on them or not.

Some of the other important things that they have to consider before placing a bet on a T20 match are related to the team combination, all types of player stats, ground dynamics, weather involvement to name a few. All these factors impact the match in terms of team tactics, player performances and thereafter decide the outcome of it too. A bettor has to analyze all these factors on their own to succeed in betting without any tips. With that being said, putting professional bets on T20s is not the most viable option as it can induce lots of mistakes due to a variety of factors involved. So a bettor must avail the cricket betting tips from Bhaiji to get all the information of cricket in comprehensive to avoid any mistake in betting.

As cricketers of different nationalities play in the T20 leagues, the fans get to see their favorite player of one country sharing the dressing room with the player of another country as Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League. Also, a top batsman of one country plays against the top bowler of the same country as Rohit Sharma from Mumbai Indians bats against Kuldeep Yadav of Kolkata Knight Riders, both players from India in the IPL. That’s why T20 Cricket has become the favorite format for the fans worldwide. Bettors tend to make a lot of cash on these rivalries with the use of CBTF from Bhaiji as there is a great amount of money involved in the betting for these players. In all, we can say that the T20s are rightly the most loved and cherished format of cricket among the fans right now.