If you can catch (stripped) interim champion and the world's most hated mixed martial artist Colby Covington at -150...

...you just may see the moon after all. If someone would lend me 1 trillion dollars we can turn it into 1.5 trillion, but all jokes aside this is where the money's at.

Sadly this may turn to -200 by the end of the week, but it's the same situation when I recommended the Usyk play against Gassiev last year.. and Oleksandr was +105.

If by some strange earthly miracle the betting public trends toward Robbie (due to his terrifyingly renewed performance against Ben Askren), then cash even more out on the one they call 'Chaos'.

I will start making betting tips and sharing them on Twitter, hopefully we can garner a new type of betting public that will want to blog and eventually bet (when the sports become available).