Those of you that are following me already know my claim to fame in the betting circles - a profitable prediction model for the English Premier League and losing a lot of money, very publicly, placing some stupid bets on the UEFA leagues' matches.

Superman has kryptonite, I have the cups - all of them!

Today, I want to try something different. Instead of giving you my picks, I invite you all to try to decipher what I did from the screenshot above. For some of you it will be a familiar sight (I'm looking at you @betman), but some of you will see just a number of random bets that make no sense.

What I'm trying to do here is to encourage and reward the interaction.

Just a quick look at the posts that are being published will give you the clear picture of the current situation - almost 0 interaction. Very few posts, even among those that are trending get any engagement. Let's start changing that.

Here's the challenge, those of you that know what's going on above, leave the comment explaining my play.

So, in your own words, try to explain to those not in the betting what's going on. What happens in this case, what happens in that case... Let the community decides on the best explanation by giving your comment the upvotes and commenting on it.

To the author with the best comment that explains what I did and why goes 100 SCR as a reward. A few hints:

  1. I liked a half of one bet
  2. Two X2 bets are actually just one bet

Let's have some fun. Good luck!

PS - the winner will be announced in approximately 48 hours.