The Fifa world cup might be over, but the sports betting sites still are striving from this worldwide sports event. With millions of new sports bettors this world cup is the most profitable sports event to date for gambling sites.

155 billion dollars, this is the total amount of money that was bet on the 2018 world cup. The United Kingdom's regulated markets saw their betting totals doubled in comparison to the 2014 world cup. Taiwan reported their sports lottery saw a 73 percent increase in sales during June 2018.

Not only did sports bettors become more active in the betting scene during the world cup, there also were millions of new sports bettors registered in the months leading up to, and during the world cup, me included.

Sports betting sites were effective in luring new sports bettors thanks to attractive offers and free hand outs.

However a lot of the betting craze calmed down already, many new sports bettors remained active in the betting scene. 


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