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 (Belgian Jupiler League Week 3 Asian Lines )

This is the 3th week in the league and things are starting to become more clear. The way I go about handicapping is quite straightforward, find the teams that are overrated and underrated on the market and bet on the underrated one while opposing the Overrated ones. Same goes for the over/under bets. I keep a personal list of all of these and combine them with many different situational spots that have shown to offer good value in the past.

I had a lot of ideas for this week based on the early odds that were offered by some european bookmakers that restrict winning players. The asian markets are quite smart and the limits when they release their odds on the Belgian League are very small. IBC are usually the first to come out but they have something around 100€ limits. Taking that instantly makes 2.07 odds drop to somewhere around 2.00. It is always a struggle between betting early totally crushing the odds or waiting for more asian books to offer odds with better limits at the risk of the odds getting crushed by other bettors. Sometimes mechanism of early money setting the odds better can have the opposite effect because very little money can have an overly big influence on the odds creating value on the other side.

Club Brugge vs Kortrijk

This was one of the matches I had a close eye on because Kortrijk are just not ready yet. Their coach de Boeck said it last week that many of his players are not in best shape yet, many are not used yet to this level and they do suffer from some injured players. They got played away by Anderlecht in the first week at home (1-4) and they got crushed by Antwerp away from home despite the 0-0 score. The amount of chances number (23-0) paints a much better picture of this match. Club Brugge started the match poorly away against Moeskroen and Wesley got a red card early in the match. Club Brugge still managed to win the match. It is too early for Kortrijk and away matchens against Club Brugge are the most difficult in the league. The standard odds that offer good value in these kind of matches is -1,5 @ 1.85. Given the fact that Kortrijk was totally dominated in their last 2 matches despite taking a point, this one has a fair chance to become a blowout win for the home team. I took Club Brugge -1.5 @ 1.913 average odds once the limits were high enough early this week.

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Date | 10/08/2018
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