I continued sticking to my overall betting plan after making a bit of a loss in January using the Betscorum Betting Exchange but ended up with s small profit last month.

Not exactly the best month for the betting exchange in February with a lot of drama. The devs continue to do nothing whatsoever to help the betting exchange get some adoption and many Sports bettors including myself are fed up with it. This resulted in overall betting volumes continuing to drop drastically.

I ended up taking 277 bets but only managed to stake 29k SCR. I'm at a total SCR Bankroll of around 65k SCR and could easily turn that around x8 on a monthly basis bringing 500k+ SCR worth of bets if more sports were available and the exchange was actually active with decent odds. Unfortunately, we are not there yet and I can't say I have a strong belief right now that we ever will at the pace things are moving forward (backward).

Anyway, I did manage to make +459 SCR in February but am still slightly down overall. Similar to last month, the gap between bets is just huge ranging from 0.3SCR to 1000SCR. The outcome from a couple of bets being good or bad pretty much dictates the overall results and it's impossible to get any kind of consistency. It very much shows in the graph which is extremely choppy.

( February Results Graph )

I still believe that a system with dynamic odds that regulate itself automatically based on the money that comes in similar to how the Asian bookmakers operate could really help the betting exchange forward without it having to cost a lot. I wrote the idea down in a post a couple of weeks ago (See Betscorum Liquidity Solution | Dynamic Odds)

Betscorum Results
February 2019 | 277 Bets | 29550 SCR Staked | +459 SCR | +1.55% ROI
January 2019 | 246 Bets | 22050 SCR Staked | -1406 SCR | -6.37% ROI
December 2018 | 65 Bets | 7836 SCR Staked | +744 SCR | +9.50% ROI

Total Results | 588 Bets | 59436 SCR | -202 SCR | -0.341% ROI

( Total Betscorum Results Graph )

Let me know your personal Betscorum results from last month or leave a link with a post about them in the comments below and I'll make sure to give it a thumbs up.