This is my Monthly Results Roundup post on the pre-game bets I posted on Scorum.

Another very poor month for the selective bets I take some extra on in BTC. Being selective does not automatically mean there will be a high win rate. I talk in many of my posts how tight the lines and odds on the betting markets are being set and how difficult it can be to actually beat them over time. The ups and downs are part of it all and nobody can avoid them. It's how someone handles them what often makes the difference between winning or losing in the longer run. I did tone things down a bit this month on the pre-game Belgian Team bets I fully handicap myself after being somewhat in a bad streak. Most bets I took in the NFL also have gotten into a bigger downswing, unfortunately.

Looking at the bigger picture though everything is still going exactly as planned and hoped still being at a +14% ROI despite the 3 consecutive losing months dropping nearly -12 units. Having proper bankroll management can be quite boring, but during times like this, it really shows why it is needed and allows to handle any kind of swing that comes at you as long as you are able to maintain disciplined.

During the month of January, the SBC is doing a 5000 SCR giveaway and we are also looking to bring the SBC League to Scorum hopefully starting in February. The league is still running on Steemit with a couple contestants each month and everyone is free to join in still over there. Check out SBC League and join our Discord Server

December 2018 BTC Betting Record

15 Bets | 4W-10L-1P | 0.150 BTC Staked | -0.05888 BTC Loss | -39.25% ROI

( December Betting History, Auch )

Previous Scorum Bets Records

Dec 2018 | 04W-10L-1P | 150 mBTC Staked | -58.88 Loss | -39.25% ROI
Nov 2018 | 07W-10L-0P | 170 mBTC Staked | -32.17 Loss | -18.92% ROI
Oct 2018 | 06W-09L-0P | 150 mBTC Staked | -28.29 Loss | -18.86% ROI
Sep 2018 | 13W-0L-1P | 140 mBTC Staked | +141.82 Profit | +101.3% ROI
Aug 2018 | 5W-1L-2P | 80 mBTC Staked | +45.47 Profit | +56.84% ROI
July 2018 | 7W-4L-0P | 110 mBTC Staked | +44.79 Profit | +40.71% ROI
Total | 42W-34L-4P | 0.800 BTC Staked | +0.11274 BTC Profit | +14.09% ROI

I look forward to the new year and will continue posting the bets I take some extra on in BTC while following up with the results. No telling where things will go but there will be a bounce to the upside at one point. Over time I might replace these by bets taken in SCR on Betscorum, but the overall activity on the exchange and offered sports first needs to increase quite some first before I would be able to do so.