This is my Monthly Results Roundup post on the pre-game bets I posted on Scorum.

The SBC League was once started on Steemit as an attempt to find, attract and motivate more serious sports bettors who are willing to hold themselves accountable by keeping an actual record on the bets they post. This was done by having a unified way of posting bets with everyone making a results overview post like this one once the month had finished giving some prizes to the best performers.

The best thing it brought about was a shift in mindset to some making them see how blogging could be a great tool to improve upon their personal betting. We have been thinking for some time to bring it to Scorum but there are just so many potential issues that need to be overcome, and we haven't really come up with a proper solution.

  • SBC League Format
    The basic idea is to do something like blogabet where posted bets that can actually be verified and potentially followed can get rewarded. Since there is no real way to verify that the odds are available it fully depends on the honesty of individuals which is a major pitfall. It is also very difficult to draw the line and including betscorum as bookmaker makes this even more questionable since there is still very limited liquidity. It is also very easy to manipulate results by using a staking plan that ensures short term results with a risk of huge losses eventually.
  • Wrong Incentive
    When it comes down to these platforms, most are pretty much in it just for the rewards and will bend their posting style just for that purpose alone. It has also proven to it is very hard to create an actual community having people support each other since most have their own agenda which turns to what is most profitable for them rewards wise.
  • Psychology
    Being honest to yourself and keeping a record can be really hard mentally since the reality in betting most of the time show either losing results or tiny edges. Everyone is pretty much a winner until they start tracking their record. Even though the SBC League is not about the results but much more about the journey to improve and learn.

Scorum SBC League

For as far as the SBC League goes on Scorum, everyone is free to join in and start posting bets in a proper way also making these monthly results overviews. Since the real rewards for the guys we are looking for are coming from using blogging as a tool to improve upon their betting, it would contradict a direct post-rewards-based incentive. Anyone that shows to be in it for the right reasons though will get picked up by the SBC and get good upvotes.

Basic Rules SBC League

Everyone is free to find their own style. As long as there is consistency in your way of posting and you keep a clear and proper record with real bankroll management and odds that are actually available at the time of posting it's all fine. Feel to join our SBC Discord Server or contact us if you want some feedback.


January was pretty much September but in reverse. Instead of everything winning, literally everything lost. I am still in profit overall though despite having 4 losing months in a row now. I did slow it down being extra careful near the end of the month and will likely continue this rather low profile in February.

This is how record keeping always goes and why so few keep up with it. The bigger a sample becomes, the closer it will get to the true number. Very few are actually able to crush this and in most cases it turn out either with a loss or with a marginal edge.

January 2019 BTC Betting Record
10 Bets | 1W-10L-0P | 0.100 BTC Staked | -0.079640 BTC Loss | -79.64% ROI

Previous Scorum Bets Records
Jan 2019 | 01W|09L|0P | 100 nBTC Staked | -79.64 Loss | -79.64% ROI
Dec 2018 | 04W-10L-1P | 150 mBTC Staked | -58.88 Loss | -39.25% ROI
Nov 2018 | 07W-10L-0P | 170 mBTC Staked | -32.17 Loss | -18.92% ROI
Oct 2018 | 06W-09L-0P | 150 mBTC Staked | -28.29 Loss | -18.86% ROI
Sep 2018 | 13W-0L-1P | 140 mBTC Staked | +141.82 Profit | +101.3% ROI
Aug 2018 | 5W-1L-2P | 80 mBTC Staked | +45.47 Profit | +56.84% ROI
July 2018 | 7W-4L-0P | 110 mBTC Staked | +44.79 Profit | +40.71% ROI

Total | 43W-43L-4P | 0.900 BTC Staked | +0.0331 BTC Profit | +3.68% ROI

I will continue to bet extra in BTC on these selectively posted bets mostly using Nitrogensports and will monitor how it all progresses. Most bets will be on Belgian teams in the league or Europa League and I also started using Blitzpredict (only Belgian Bets) as a way to verify it even more.

Feel free to leave a link to your own monthly results post and I'll make sure to give it an upvote in case I missed it. Good luck everyone in february !