This series will focus on some lessons I learned the last 15 years as a Sports Bettor.

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This is one of the many little rules that I have locked in to my personal betting approach and it both won and saved me a lot of money over the years. Whenever you see a situation where there is an almost unanimous agreement amongst the public that an underdog will not lose a match, be extremely careful and even consider betting the favorite. I do not have a theory why this is exactly the case but it is something that is said more often in the betting world and I have noticed how remarkably often this comes true. The public always loves the favorite regardless the odds because they fundamentally think binary, whenever this kind of thinking points out an underdog the bookmakers tend to come out on top. Local forums or sports contests are a good way to check what everyone thinks. If I would have more hours in a day I would love to make some work of this idea and track the results to get some real facts on the table and possibly make some money out of it. For now it's just an idea I go by as long as it keeps standing out.

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