This series will focus on some lessons I learned the last 15 years as a Sports Bettor.()

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Record keeping is of absolute vital importance if you want to Beat Sports Betting in the long run. It gives you a feedback on how you are doing and allows you to plug some leaks where they are needed. It is very easy to get lost in denial forgetting past losses and fooling yourself into thinking that you are ahead. If you don't know your numbers, the chances are very high that you are actually down. Just having the numbers somewhere is not enough, you have to actually know them. This is one of the key differences between winning and losing players, the winners will all keep an honest close track of all their betting results while the losers won't.

If you want to become a long term winning player, start doing this one simple thing! It does not even take that much time or require any kind of skill. Getting a reality check can be hard at first. If you continue keeping stats, you will simply be forced to improve and get better to become a winning player!

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