This post is made as a way to promote betscorum and hopefully get some real sports bettors who are using traditional bookmakers to test out the platform for free and help them build a bankroll from the ground up.

What is Betscorum ?

Scorum is a blockchain crypto betting project that right now offers a betting exchange with 0% fees along with a blogging platform. Blockchain technology pretty much offers a new way for people to trust each other at a rather low cost which removes having to rely on an overly centralized system. This allows for a betting exchange like betscorum which can be seen as Betfair but without having to give 5% of each winning bet to the house.

Betting on betscorum can be done with SCR which is a cryptocurrency that works similar to Bitcoin. The supply is limited and the price fully depends on supply and demand, the more people start using betscorum the more valuable it will become. Not all SCR is in circulation yet. It can be mined by running a witness node or being active on the blogging platform. The more you bring to the platform, the more likely you are to get higher rewards from the community.

Getting Started on Betscorum

Even though the mechanics of how everything work can be quite difficult to understand and fully grasp at first. The platform itself is very user-friendly and it is possible to get started and build a real bankroll without the need to invest anything. I once started 15+ years ago on a regular bookmaker (mrbookmaker for those who remember) with a free bankroll and managed to add to that with a free bankroll from Partypoker and never looked back. On betscorum, this is also possible because of the reward pool along with community initiatives. Since the betting exchange has 0% fees, it is also far more easy to actually be a winning player or to win more if you already beat regular bookmakers.

Ways to Build a Bankroll from Nothing

  • Try out Betscorum for Free!
    I will be linking this post on some betting forums and send it to sports bettors that are already active online. If you come across this or have been sent a message, feel free to contact me with a pm on the specific forum or in the SBC Discord Server. If you make an account on betscorum (if possible use this link as it could help me get some more funds to give away and attract more users) and let me know your username, I'll send you 20 SCR which should be enough just to test everything out. (The amount will likely decrease over time). If you make a good introduction post on the blogging platform and mention my username in it, I will make sure it will get some good post earnings and send an extra 10 SCR. While this won't make you rich, it should be a nice way to test and experience the platform totally risk-free!
  • Blogging
    The blogging platform can be used to earn SCR. The system works with upvotes that have a certain amount of SCR attached to them. The bigger someone's influence and investment in the network, the bigger the rewards attached to the upvotes. A combination of good content, the right intentions, a lot of social connections, years on the platform, personal investment, activity on Betscorum,... are all big factors in the post-earnings you will be able to achieve. If you are willing to put some in some effort, it can be one of the best ways to build an SCR bankroll right now.
  • Betting on Betscorum
    Betscorum with its 0% fees should be the most beatable sportsbook on the planet right now. The volumes that are being bet are still not that high but this is not an issue when starting out building your bankroll. If you can't get a decent price matched, you can always come to the SBC Discord #match-my-bet channel where we are matching the best odds on the Asian market on anything you want!
  • Scorum Poker
    Scorum right now also has a community Poker initiative that offers daily freerolls and rakefree cash games that can be used to win some SCR and potentially boost your overall betting bankroll. It can be found on and everyone with a Scorum account can join in. They also have their own Discord Server
  • Contests
    There are a lot of posts on the Scorum blogging platform were SCR is given away in sports-related contests. Here are some of the users where you can win some SCR on a regular basis right now...
@barbadosso: Scorum Prediction League
@kelso : Daily NBA Contest
@scorum-italia: Weekly Guess the Scorers Contest
@sashank: Daily Soccer Contest
@talesfrmthecrypt: Regular Risk Free Bets
@cayelispor53: Prediction Contest
@scorum-fans: Free Bet Giveaway
@liberty-minded: NHL / PGA Contest
@sambatt: Reward Pool Contest
(In case I overlooked a contest feel free to post in in the comments and I'll put it on top)

Cashing Out

This is a free market and anyone is allowed to cash out at any given time. SCR can be converted to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum on one of the exchanges below (around 25000$ was bought and sold the last 24 hours). Both Bitcoin and Ethereum can easily be sold for Euro or Dollars on major websites like Coinbase!

It should be fairly easy right now to build a 1000SCR+ bankroll in a matter of months if you are willing to put some effort into it. Good luck and if you have any questions about the platform feel free to contact me!