I continue to keep my eye out for new Crypto Betting projects even during times when there is no action in the Sports world whatsoever. Exbet.io is one that caught my eye as they aim to become Betafir for BTC.

One of the reasons I got into crypto 3 years ago is because it has the potential to disrupt the existing bookmaking industry (read charger less juice and give players better odds). So far this has not happened as most projects have just copied what traditional bookmakers are doing with the main objective of making a profit. The ones that tried to make a crypto betting exchange got hit by a lack of users & liquidity along with gas prices being too high to make it usable. The only crypto betting exchange that did it right was Betscorum but the devs don't realize that and seem to have created their excellent product by pure accident and are unwilling to develop, support or promote it.

Anyway, exbet.io, at first sight, looks to have some good potential. I like both the name and logo and what they set out to do of becoming the Crypto Betfair could work. I know many of the more serious sports bettors are looking for something like this. They've sent out their first newsletter with the unfortunate but understandable news that their launch has been postponed due to the current situation.

They also stated that they will continue to work on their product during this time doing these things...

I will continue to keep a close eye on how this project moves forward and make updates on it. Anyone who wants to check it out themselves can subscribe to their newsletter on the exbet.io website or follow them on Twitter