has been back online the past couple of weeks and I have been testing everything out during that time. What the team delivered this early on is quite impressive! The betting exchange is working equally good and fast compared to fully centralized exchanges, the system of backing bets which automatically offers the opposite has been more intuitive to me compared to backing and laying on Betfair and most importantly there are 0% fees or commissions which is unseen in the online betting industry and a huge deal !

Being very structured when it comes down to betting and having a well-defined and pre-determined plan to follow religiously is something that really works for me and the combination of having a blogging platform along with the 0% fee betting exchange is the perfect combination for this. Betting on Betscorum has been quite random so far for me, so I took some time to make a Betting Plan for 2019 on how to approach things both handicapping and bankroll management wise.

Basic Betting Rules

Having a couple rules for yourself to follow pretty much always without exceptions can highly help to make a profit over time. Even with a 0% fees, there is always need to be losers in order for there to be winners on the platform.

  1. Always get better odds compared to what is offered by the Asian Bookmakers

    The way betting is offered by Asian Bookmakers already brings about very competitive odds. These prices tend to be set really tight in a way where their closing lines can be seen as the most accurate estimation that can be made on most matches. With Betscorum having no fees it turns the 1.97-1.97 odds from Asian books for 50%-50% situation into a 2.00-2.00 in the perfect world. This might not seem that much of a difference but it is. Someone who manages to beat these Asian lines with +3% ROI will beat lines on Betscorum with 4.56%. This is a difference of more than +50%! Always making sure to never bet odds that are lower compared to the best offer on the Asian markets will be my rule #1 !

  2. Stick to Bankroll Management

    Proper Bankroll management is vitally important and very few people seem to be realizing this (or just don't have the discipline). Even more important than having a proper bankroll management plan is to actually stick to it at any given time. I made this mistake when I started betting on Wagerr and a small downswing there caused me to lose around 50% of my coins just because I did not stick to less exciting bankroll management.

  3. Keep Track Of Results

    I once wrote an article called "If You Don't Know Your Betting Record... You Are Probably Down" where I talked about the importance of record keeping. I plan to do this also with all the bets I take on Betscorum and will probably make a monthly post sharing my results of the previous month as a way to keep myself accountable.

Respecting these 3 rules will at some point be lifesavers, the core intention is to earn more SCR but only in a way where it does not go against the preservation of capital.

Betting Plan

Since Betscorum has 0% fees it should be hard to get buried by them even when taking a lot of bets. I am a big believer in volume grinding out smaller margins as a way to come out on top. This is extremely dangerous to try at regular bookmakers because of the cut they take from each bet highly decreases your chance of success. The type of bets I plan on taking:

  1. Most bets I will take actually won't involve any kind of handicapping or knowledge on the match itself. They will be based on the market and the odds that are offered here on Betscorum. I pretty much give more authority to bookies compared to the individuals that offer odds and am willing to bet on the bookmakers whenever the difference in odds is too big.
  2. Handicapped bets. I will be putting up offers on the bets I handicap myself or get from others that I follow. The idea here is to pretty much offer odds on the other side that are best on the market while still getting better odds compared to what I took with my regular Betting Broker Sportmarket pro. I'm also thinking of properly starting to handicap some more leagues now like the EPL similar to how I do things for the Belgian League since the chance of success is so much bigger on Betscorum.
  3. Playing bookmaker. I will continue offering to match bets with at least the odds Pinnacle is offering on the SBC Discord #match-my-bet channel for limited amounts. This way nobody who wants to bet has to take scam odds that are offered and will be able to always get their bets accepted at a decent price regardless of what team or total they want to bet. I don't expect to make any profit out of this since over time since many are actually able to beat these lines by having a bit of betting knowledge.

Bankroll Management

My bankroll management approach will be very similar to the basic model I have been using for years (See Post Bankroll Management). I will see the total amount of SCR I have as my bankroll and move up or down in stakes along with it. Right now I have about 50k SCR of which ~73% is currently powered up and some of whatI bought still in the exchange. As long as I can bet everything I need, there will be no issue only having 27% available in liquid SCR. I will set my full stake size at a conservative 1% and if needed I will power down or power up to restore the balance between SCR and SP.

The 1% Flat Stakes will mostly be on the bets I handicapped or have a clear reason why they have good value. Most bets will likely range well below that depending on the edge. In the rare cases where there are "crazy Offers" available on Betscorum I allow myself to go up to a 2% Stake max. Stakes will be fixed and I will move up once my bankroll has reached the next target or move down when it drops below the previous target.

That's about it for now. I might adjust things along the way but the core idea will likely stay very similar. If more exchanges start to trade SCR I might start taking guaranteed bets backing both sides on Betscorum and Nitrogensports to take some guaranteed profit. Right now the highly fluctuating prices make this really tricky though.

Make sure to check out the SBC 5000SCR January Giveaway if you are planning to use or try out the Betscorum exchange next month. The requirements to enter are quite easy to meet and everyone will who does, will get their share of the givaway.

Let me know in the comments if you have made an actual betting plan already for Betscorum or if everything is also still very random right now. Also feel free to share your link breaking down your own plans when it comes down to Betscorum and I will make sure to give it a nice upvote!