I took a lot of notes last weekend and there are some bets I'm willing to get in early for week 6 of the playoffs...

Standard vs Antwerp

I am liking the under in this match as it might become one of those matches where the fear to lose might be bigger compared to the will to win. Standard coach put a lot more importance on Defense at the start of the playoffs even at home since they too easily took goals at the end of the regular season. Antwerp continues a team that also is very capable defensively and I doubt Standard coach Preud'homme is going to be willing to take many offensive risks. I split my stakes between Standard vs Antwerp Under 2.5 @1.980 and Standard vs Antwerp 1st Half @ 1.93 both taken at my betting broker Sportmarket Pro who always offers the best odds on the market. I also took some extra in BTC on the 1st Half Under 1 @ 1.95 on Sportsbet.io using the daily odds boost as Pinnacle odds are just that tiny bit too low.

Waasland vs Union

I like the over in this match. Both teams play free and offensive in playoff 2 having plenty of goals in their matches on average. These teams also have no pressure since Waasland has no Playoff 2 ambitions while Union didn't request a European license which makes them also play for nothing. I do expect a very offensive minded approach in this match and goals on both sides. I took what I could take early on splitting my stakes between Waasland vs union Over 3 @ 1.940 | Over 3.25 @ 2.170 | Over 3.5 @ 2.400 again on Sportmarket Pro and took some extra in BTC on Over 3.5 @ 2.380 with my favorite BTC Bookmaker Nitrogensports

Sint-Truiden vs Beerschot

Beerschot doesn't really seem to have their mind on these playoffs after missing out on the title in 2nd division and it showed last weekend in their away match against Charleroi. They created nothing whatsoever and ended up conceding 4 goals against the poor Charleroi Offense. This weekend they play against Sint-Truiden who have their mind on winning their playoff group and should be much better offensively with Kamada in the attack. They also play on an artificial pitch disadvantaging the opponents. Anything but a home win would be a huge surprise here and I took bets on Sint-Truiden -0.75 @ 1.800 | Sint-Truiden 1H -0.25 @ 1.780 | Sint-Truiden -1.5 @ 2.690 and did take extra in BTC on that last one at Nitrogensports at marginally lower 2.667 odds.

Date | 26/04/2019
Bet | Standard vs Antwerp 1st Half Under 1 @ 1.930
Stake | 0.01 BTC (10mBTC)
Bookie | Sportsbet (bet ticket)
Date | 27/04/2019
Bet | Waasland vs Union Over 3.5 @ 2.380
Stake | 0.01 BTC (10mBTC)
Bookie | Nitrogensports (bet ticket)
Date | 28/04/2019
Bet | Sint-Truiden -1.5 @ 2.677
Stake | 0.01 BTC (10mBTC)
Bookie | Nitrogensports (bet ticket)


The last 2 bets made it to the SBC League tracked bets as the odds that can be verified on Blitzpredict on the under are just a bit too low (If mode options become available I might still add it). I'm always taking what I believe are the best odds for the line on all the places I'm taking my bets at. The ones I take on my betting brokers should always be seen as the best options.

Previous Scorum Belgian Team BTC Bets Records
Mar 2019 | 3W-3L-1P | 70 mBTC Staked | +04.12 Profit | +5.89% ROI
Feb 2019 | 5W-1L-0P | 60 mBTC Staked | +33.21 Profit | +55.35% ROI
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Total | 25W-15L|5P| 0.450 BTC Staked | +0.11375 BTC Profit | +25.28% ROI