I try to keep track of all the projects that offer Sports betting on a blockchain and making a monthly post with some news surrounding these projects along with price evolutions.

News Overview

The bear market pretty much continues to dictate the crypto prices, but most projects continue to build and there is enough to write about this month. I set out to take a deep look into Augur last month but I simply lack the time right now to do so. I will try to find time to do so next month.


This is one of the projects I liked since the start since they potentially offer a solution to a problem. Blitzpredict.io allow to verify betting records on the Ethereum blockchain and plan to offer a sportsbook aggregator where you can directly take the best price from bookmakers or crypto projects that offer to bet. I started using their prediction platform but only submitted 2 bets so far. Something I instantly noticed was that Matchbook was one of the books they offer and the best price came from there which had very low liquidity (only ~10€). It also standard seems to use 1 unit stakes to risk on 2.0+ odds and 1 unit to win on lower odds. I'm a big fan of flat betting especially when it comes down to producing tips that other can follow They also near the launch of the BlitzPredict Exchange, built on top of Ethereum, Augur, and 0x which could become a direct competitor to betscorum. Right now blitzpredict has not yet put any effort in marketing and mostly focus on building their platform.

Here is the announcement e-mail reproduced...


Wagerr pretty much continues at a very slow pace without much news from their Developers. They do have odds on the Superbowl online and I'm quite sure a lot of WGR will be bet on this game more than anything showing the potential demand for a solid crypto Sports Betting platform. I still think their entire model is somewhat broken and from what it looks like, there is 1 whale who is taking advantage of them not adjusting their prices quickly enough. Despite the crazy high 6% fee they charge on the odds they are down over 1 million SCR after 54 million SCR has been bet. This pretty much completely goes against their vision to have coins burned making the supply ever smaller.

Bookie Pro (Peerplays)

In their latest update, they will be shutting down the bookie.fun test project and move over to the peerplays mainnet. once this is complete users are still going to have to play with fun tokes that are worthless as a way to test everything out. The team will also be attending the ICE London Conference.


Blocksports is a platform @z3ll made me aware of in the comment of the December Listings Overview (Big Thanks !). I had a quick look at it and they aim to bring betting to the NEO platform with GAS as the main currency to bet with. I like the name they came up with, but I don't see the platform itself bringing any solutions to problems since they are going to charge 2% fees. The full whitepaper on this project can be found here.


This was one of the projects I once reviewed 8 months ago (See Post) and I see it got listed on Coinmarketcap. It is similar to Decent.bet as they mostly focus on casino games and aim to offer sports betting one day. I don't expect it will become something that ever fits my personal needs when it comes down to sports betting, but I will likely continue to track it in these monthly roundups.


I'm still very much loving the betscorum betting exchange and believe it is something many real sports bettors could adopt over time. I have mentioned many of these previous posts how Scorum offers a solution to a major problem right now when it comes down to existing bookmakers. It's not so much the decentralization but more than anything the ability to bet without commission which makes a world of difference. The team has done an amazing job on making an awesome user-friendly product, marketing however has not worked and this seems to be the major weakness of the platform so far. The affiliate program was launched but has yet to show real results. I do plan to make a long post on my view on the platform with some things that I believe can possibly be improved or implemented in order to increase the chance of it really taking off.

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Feel free to let me know in the comments if there are newer blockchain projects you know of that have something do do with Sports Betting that has not been added yet to my list.