I'm making these weekly posts as a way to track my personal pre-game handicapping results along with my live betting action on Belgian Teams. These posts will usually contain some insights when it comes down to my general approach and what I do to increase my chance of beating the market.

I had somewhat of a focus drop this week. The long month with many matches so far along with the fact that I allowed myself to get way to distracted by Hardfork 21 on Steem trying to get a good grasp of things certainly had something to do with it. I will have some time off from betting right now with an international break. I hope to be able to use that time to get a better grasp on all the changes and reconfigure my auto-curation and way of going about things. Not much is needed to make Steemit/Scorum/Sportstalk/... into something that sucks up all your time and I want to avoid that at all cost so my main focus can be on my actual betting which in the end is most important to me.

I had plenty of bets this week and some of them were really interesting when looking at them purely from a sports betting angle. Especially Kv Mechelen vs Moeskroen. I'm planning to maybe make a whole post breaking down that match from the point of view of a sports bettor which might be of interest to the ones that want to get better themselves.


I continue to use Copytip as a way to track my strongest bets which can be seen as recommendations to those that want to follow. They are ones I take a bit (0.01 BTC Flat) extra on in BTC and post on Steemit/Scorum/Twitter (@costanzabets) while keeping a record along with the live bets that I officially share on the SBC Discord. This season so far they have performed excellent. In 6 weeks 38 Bets have been taken providing +26.39% ROI. Bad runs will happen and it's very likely that it will come down to more sustainable levels eventually.

I only had 2 Live Bets on the SBC Discord. Both were +0 underdogs who already were in the lead which are some of my favorite bets to take as it's often possible to bet the better team who will get a lot of space to finish the match on the counter. A full update on the results of all live bets so far will follow somewhere this week.

Discord Live-Bets Week 6

Sint-Truiden +0 @ 2.47 (0-1 50') FT 0-2 WON
Zulte-Waregem +0 @ 2.28 (2-0 74') FT 2-0 PUSH
( All My live Bets are Taken at Sportmarket Pro who offer the best odds on the market )

(Personal Results Graph )

I have been doing a lot more in-play trading this season much more often locking down some profit. The main positive is that it should make the chart much less variance heavy which allows me to have more peace of mind. I'm not yet a robot what it comes down to betting and swings do still have some emotional impact which can affect my decision making in a negative way. Even if locking down some profit at times might be negative EV wise, if brings a more steady curve making me less affected by swings the total sum will be +EV which in the end is what it is all about for me.

Let me know in the comments how your own betting week was or leave a link to your own results tracking post and I'll make sure to give it an upvote!