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Well yes my dear Scorum friends, the summer football break has come to an end and the time has come for me to start betting again, where? On Betscorum of course!

This summer I took a break, from football and betting, actually I made some bets but not many, I bet on a few games of the South American, US, Armenian and Chinese Championships, but only about ten matches.

I needed a football break, I didn't really even follow the football market in reality, but now, after a quick update, I am again betting with my usual way, without too much logic and just following my instinct.

If this betting technique is good or not I don't have idea, I have not marked the money that I spent and the possible winnings, I bet only on Scorum and I do it above all to support the platform, part of the profits I make with the posts I reinvest them in the bets, if you need professional advice on who to bet for the victory, on Scorum you will find some users who know their stuff and are professionals in this very difficult practice, they are not sure of winning them also, but studying statistics and everything to do with the football's world could be really useful to you.

Now I think about @btb, @costanza, @giornalista and @betman, which can be considered among the most famous here on Scorum, for skill and/or initiative, of course there are others that now doesn't come in my mind, just consult the betting section to get an idea, I apologize in advance if I've forgotten some and if you know others don't hesitate to mention them in the comments below.

The ELP is the first to start the dances among the major European championships, here are my choices for this Saturday that promises to be really HOT!

But now we come to the contest, this season the prize has risen but the rules are always the same, let's summarize them!

Contest rules:

  • Every week I will chose a football match and you will have to write a prediction in the post comments.
  • Valid bets are only 1, X, 2.
  • The names of those who have written the right prediction will be placed on by me and the wheel will chose the winner!... I will film everything live!
  • After that I will upload the video to the official Youtube Scorum Italia TV (Give us a like if you want to help us to grow the channel) I will reply to your comments with the link.
  • The winner will get 50 SCR and must bet them on on how many matches and odds he want.
  • He will have to take screenshots as bet-proof.
  • He can send me the screenshot to me on Discord or Telegram via PM (my nickname is always @dexpartacus) and I will publish it in the next week post.


The match chosen for this week is:

(1) Manchester UTD vs Chelsea (2)

Betscorum screenshot (odds may change)


Now we come to the second contest, the one for the Bet Roulette logo.

Although the two pictures in the cover image are really nice took one by one, combined with me together they don't satisfy me really much, so if you're good at drawing or computer graphics, come forward and create the new logo!

All participants will be given a participation prize, the first 3 selected will be given 200 SCRs each, from the fourth on they will receive 50 SCR. The official logo may not be one only, I'd like to use the most beautiful ones every weekend, the winner of the contest will be decided by the community, so create the logo, then also create a post to promote it (which I will vote 100%) and put the link in the comments below, if you are interested and have no time contact me, I will put the deadline in relation to what you tell me, I was counting on starting the new logo from September.

When I will received all the drawings I will make a special post to let the community choose the winners!

I wish you good luck to you all for your bets and good luck also if you want to participate at the contest in the contest!

A big hug and see ya soon!

🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇

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